snt policy

Its actually nothing.
If you know. I mean want to know. Just visit my YouTube page and go-to about TAB. Then you will find some of my ref website.

If u want to be a writer of u have to contact me .with what category u want to write and what are the topic. u interested to write in my website. Ofcourse that matter should be in tamil language only. But if u read this . its written in english. its not a problem.

and Finaly if u submit a comment in our website. u accept to the profile. and privacy policy of wordpress and Jetpack. and gravator. if u have. that account. then we all set to go..

I know u cant fully understand my english. but its ok. Just Folly me on the social network and Download my app. i mean the snt app (Space News Tamil)

Use my App Also. Thanks very much
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