Vanakkam Friends,

In Space News Tamil youtube Channel i make my Channel is not for kids under age 17 or 13-17 .

Youtube has Giving some Critical Updates to “Youtube Studio” and COPPA Rules for All Youtube Videos.

I set My Audience Level for my channel is “Not for Kids”, and Here is why,?

because in All my Lifetime of Videos, only 1.4% of Viewers are 13-17 Years old, and I am not sure about what is the age for Kids if COPPA Fixed for.

Last 28 Days

Setting Youtube video for Kids or not using Analytics
Last 28 days my Video Viewers Age.

Life time

Youtube Guideline for children under COPPA. Youtube Studio
Life time Age for Space News Tamil

Factor Check for Kids

  • Subject of the video
  • if it perticularly for children
  • if child actor is there
  • language that is meant for children to understand (not sure about that)
  • activities (like songs, playing) that appeal to children
  • songs of peom, rhyms, story which is intended for children

Age of Kids

Age of the Kids as per COPPA Law is Under 13, I am pretty sure. about My audience,

Kids Channel

If its Kids channel. Then youtube stop collecting personal data . or device data(i think) so there are no more ads or very fewer Kids ads only.

so Heavily Impact on Revenue, and There is no Notification bell icon appear under their channel.

No Comments are available for Kids Video.

No Community Tab for that channel to update their child audience

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